Prepare Codelist

Preparing a Codelist File

You can prepare a plain text codelist file with definitions and keystroke assignments in advance. If you do not upload a code file, you will have to opportunity to define the codes as well as assign the keyboard keystrokes associated with each code. There are three parts to the code file, which also must be a plain text (.txt) file:

  1. the code name (e.g., yes, borderline, no)
  2. the definition (e.g., yes, this is new information)
  3. the key stroke (e.g., 1, 2, or 3)
The definition is preceded and followed by a “pipe” or vertical line |. The pipe is found on the key with the backslash, just above the Enter key. Press Shift and Backslash to make the pipe. The content of a sample code file might look as follows:
No|No, no specific new information provided|1
Borderline|Boundary case|2
Yes|Yes, specific new information provided|3
On the following screen you will have a chance to view, edit, add or delete codes: