Adjudicating coder decisions in CAT using the Validation module

Adjudication is the process of judging coder choices. It involves looking at codeable units one at a time and assessing the validity of the specific coding choices. To launch the launch the module, select "Validate Dataset" under the "Validation" drop-down. On the next page:

  1. Choose the dataset to validate.
  2. Select add or add all to select codes.
  3. Select continue to begin. If the dataset has already been partially validated, the validation will start where it was left off.
You can exit the validation at any time by clicking on the navigation links to the left. The next page will contain the following items: For each annotation, the next un-validated coder annotation will be displayed with the current code to be adjudicated in bold red letters. Click the valid button if the annotation is correct or the not valid button if it is not. Alternatively, you can press the keys "1" or "Y" if the annotation if valid, or the keys "3" or "N" if it is not. The adjudication module will also display: