Loading Data

Loading data into CAT

Once you have prepared your data, click on the "Datasets" drop-down menu and select "Upload Raw Dataset". Alternately, from the Main Menu page, select "Upload Raw Dataset".

On the “Upload Raw Dataset” page, you have several important options.

  1. Raw Dataset Name (optional): If you do not give it a name it will take the default file name
  2. Raw Data File: Click Browse to select the file with your prepared raw data
  3. Suggested Code File (optional): Click Browse to select the prepared file with your code list
  4. Data Format Style: Choose Standard or Word-by-Word (most will use Standard)
Three other extremely important options are options available to be selected on this raw data upload page.
  1. Disable verification for user-defined and multiple coding. Check this box to remove a step where coders review their selections and verify the choices are final. Check this box to enable confident coders to work rapidly through a high-volume coding projects.
  2. Allow user-defined codes. Check this box to enable the creation of new codes during the coding process.
  3. Allow coder to select multiple codes. Check this box to allow coders to select more than one code per codeable unit.
To complete this step in the process, select Upload.